The name Salvia chosen for the suite complex is in line with its general philosophy and is none other than the  harmonization of construction and human presence with the untouched natural environment of the area.

Salvia is the official, Latin name of the plant genus that includes the endemic sage, which also plays a leading role in the summer Cretan countryside.
The name comes from the Latin verb “salvare” which means “save”. And that is the truth. The intensely aromatic sage with its red-pink flowers, along with many more endemic, native herbs, have been for centuries an important part of Cretan paramedic care. In ancient times, sage was used as a panacea. They believed that its highly beneficial properties could cure everything.
By choosing this name, we pay tribute to all the natural and plant goods of this blessed land, recognize the power of nature and utilize the endemic vegetation in the environmental plantings of the suites.
But symbolically we dream, the holiday homes of Salvia Luxury Collection Suites be your base and refuge, the place where you will preserve beautiful moments for a  lifetime, you will create  unforgettable memories with your loved ones and where you will feel substantial, emotional relief and mental uplift.